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good wednesday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer covering the big news coast to coast and the big story we are following today is thathe lawmakers add more time to the clock avoiding a poen the the shall government shutdown for at least two more weeks. >> a joint resolution is passed. >> reporter: round one appears to be a draw. republicans getting bipartisan support on a temporary spending bill. >> 335 -- >> reporter: the vote 335 to 91 in the house yesterday. and it sailed through the senate last hour. the bill cuts $4 billion in the next two weeks. most of it earmarks like education programs that were already on the chopping block. the white house says there's room for more. >> we could accept even over a relatively short period of time $8 billion in cuts. >> reporter: and republicans agree. the continuing resolution or cr
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saves money. >> we are borrowing $3 billion a day, and we have a cr that is going to save $4 billion a week. >> reporter: but with two weeks to reach permanent approval on funding, there is big battle over how much is too much? >> we must create jobs and strengthen the middle-class. >> reporter: both sides say they are willing to talk, and president obama made the first move yesterday in a phone call with house speaker john boehner. senate democrats are pushing back on the short time line. >> it is obvious that we would want more than two weeks to do this. >> reporter: and blame republicans for the delay. >> the only message that we have from the republicans is to wipe out programs that are so important to people. especially people who can't help themselves. >> reporter: expect republicans to keep the pressure on democrats and the white house to approve deeper cuts. republicans want senate approval on a bill they pass two weeks ago on the house. it cut spending by $60 billion.
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nbc news senate producer ken strickland joins me now. okay. this is a band-aid, and when do they get to the fix-it surgery? >> well, is more like stitches that dissolve in two weeks. the bill that the senate just passed funds the government for two more weeks which takes us to march 18th, and then we are right back where we started with the contentious battles between republicans and democrats. one thing that we did learn today, harry reid, the senate majority leader, just had a news conference after that vote and he announced that vice president joe biden is going to inject himself into the process, and he will be conducting meetings with republicans and democrats to try to find the middle ground on the negotiations. right now they are about $60 billion apart on the ideal. and it is a fundamental battle in congress and nose in the republican ranks and especially those from the far right want a lot of cuts and what democrats call extreme cuts. on the left, harry reid has to deal with the liberals who say don't cut too much. the democrats feel that some of
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the cuts will hurt job growth and job creation. so that is what joe biden has in store for him. now, let's not forget it was joe biden who last year behind the scenes was working with republicans and democrats to find a way to get an agreement on a tax cut proposal and the question is can he do it now with only two weeks to go and $60 billion between them. contessa? >> thank you, ken, for bringing us up to date from capitol hill. at the state level they are battling over the budget in wisconsin. protesters continue to demonstrate at the state capitol in madison. yesterday governor scott walker laid out the budget proposal to cut $1.5 billion in state aid and education. it takes collective bargaining away from most public employees. democratic senators who have been in hiding to prevent a vote say they are not budging until he backs down. breaking news from the supreme court. in a powerful 8 to 1 court, the high court just ruled that the first amendment protects members
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of a kansas group who protest outside of military funerals. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams ha as the latest. pete, bring me up to date. >> this case has aroused strong feelings because of the message that the group brings to military funerals like thank god for 9/11, god hates you, and they were sueded by the father of a marine lance corporal when they came to funeral of his son in maryland, and a jury awarded the father $5 million in damages, but today, the u.s. supreme court in an 8 to 1 vote said that jury verdict has to be set aside that the first amendment protects the messages of this group. now, chief justice john roberts who wrote the opinion said that the protest was entirely legal. the group abided by the local restrictions of how far away to be from the church. they were not violent and the message while repugnant to many does get into questions of public concern about the
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military, about gay rights and about the catholic church. he said at the end of the opinion, speech is powerful. it can move people to action. it can move people to tears and it can even inflict great pain, but the government cannot react by punishing the speaker. there was one dissenter today, samuel alito who said this is not ultimately about public issue, but a private action and private attack on a single-family and single father and the father should be able to sue for damages. controversial decision, but clearly, we know where the supreme court feels because of the 8 to 1 vote, contessa. >> thank you, pete. breaking news out of germany, we know that shots were fired at a bus carrying u.s. service members leaving the frankfurt airport. one of the persons killed was in fact a u.s. service person. it turns out that the gunman may be from kosovo, and the kosovo's interior minister told the
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associated press that the german police have identified the gunman as a kosovo national. and the u.s. army has not confirmed the casualties at this point, but reportedly one service member -- no, now we are confirming that u.s. military officials are confirming at least one u.s. service member was killed when that gunman opened fire on the bus today. two u.s. warships are moving closer to the libyan coast by order of robert gates. gates is also sending 400 marines to replace some of the troops who left one of those ships for afghanistan. moammar gadhafi warned that thousands of libyans will die if the u.s. or united nations forces intervene. he is causing a counter conflict outside of the city where shots were fired 500 miles from the capital of libya. battle is waging over a major
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oil port there in benghazi, and tell us where things stand in the fighting today? >> well, today, contessa, they are going back and forth. gadhafi's forces and 50 suvs and some of them with mounted machine guns stormed this oil com compound, this small town of brega and took the rebel forces by surprise, overdtaking the airstrip and other facilities there. but then the rebel forces were reinforced by armed rebels further to the east, and then they retook that same territory from the gadhafi forces. they have been going back and forth and there have been air strikes there today and one report saying that a jet fighter dropped a bomb on the beach reportedly to scare back some of to rebels. there were air strikes near the town offage d a afterage ajdabi.
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this is the first gun violence we have seen since the forces secured this area in one-third of the area. since then, benghazi has become the center of a new interim government. contessa? >> stephanie goesk there from benghazi, libya. thank you, stephanie. my big question today, is america asking for a mess by considering intervention in libya. i want to hear your thoughts on twitter or facebook. again, we are watching the progress of those two warships approaching libya. police removed charlie sheen's twin sons from his home last night. his soon to be ex-wife brooke mueller got a temporary restraining order from sheen. the judge ordered that the sons be taken from him while the
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restraining order is in effect. jeff rossen interviewed him, and what kind of reaction did charlie sheen give to the fact that his sons were taken away by police officers. >> he said he is shocked. to this moment, he does not know where the children are, and he announced it on the "today" show, and he said, look, i have no idea where my kids are. he has two kids who are going to be 2 years old in a couple of weeks. cute boys. he said he was putting them to bed and he got a knock on the door and it was officers from los angeles and he handed them over without incident and charlie sheen said they didn't have car seats so he gave them his car seat, and in is in response to a brooke mueller court fight his estranged wife and she went to court and got a temporary restraining order and saying that sheen had been threatening her life, and also she did not want her kids growing up with that environment of two of sheen's goddesses.
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one is a former modelle, a lands a former porn star who lives with sheen. he here he is this morning talking about it. >> i was putting the kids to bed, and then i was informed that the police were on the way down to execute a restraining order. i said, let me get my lawyer on the phone. and they said they were there to take bob and max and i had to surrender to it, knowing that, you know, this was, this is now the i guess the challenge that i'm claiming to be looking for. and i'm more than willing to take on this task if anybody thought my focus was directed in a radical capacity, that's going to seem like child's play. stupidly, this is on me. i assumed they were going back to the house that they have been living in with brooke, when they
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are not with me, and i think that we got reports last night they were in a hotel at santa monica right now, and at this moment on live television, i do not know where my children are. i am not panicking, and it is not about emotions or ego, but focusing on very much what i have to do to complete the task of bringing these two beautiful young men back to the home that they deserve to be raised in. there's more love, compassion and support, child care and everything else that you could possibly want for a child in this lovely home. it is not a house, it is a home. brooke, i'm sorry that you felt that this had to be done in this way, but it does not display any responsible parenting in anything that i'm familiar with. i think that cooler and smarter and leveler heads can prevail and i urge you to reach out to me immediately if not sooner to tell us where our sons are. bob, max, it is da da, and i
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will see you very soon. you right here. >> hmm, sad to see, contessa, because we are talking about charlie sheen, and big star, and a lot of money and butyl mansiomansioful mansion, but this is and mab in the crossroads of his life and you feel sorry for the children, and we say it all of the time, have done nothing to deserve this. >> does he get how weird this is, the multichannel, multireporter blitz, the fact that he has -- i don't know, diarrhea of the mouth. he is just going on and on and on, and does he get that it looks weird to the rest of us? >> well, i don't think so. clearly not. he keeps doing it. i think that an interview like he did this morning and i have been getting a lot of tweets that people have changed their opinion of him a bit. he has appeared for the first time i think much calmer and much more by societal temperatuterms,
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normal for lack of a better word. if he is going to do interviews like that, i don't know. i think it was a real -- what we saw on live tv this morning was a real change, a real departure for charlie sheen. we are watching some evolution here in some way. >> all right. jeff, thank you so much for bringing us the interview and the perspective as well. we continue to keep tabs on it. we are watching a desperate search right now for the a young pregnant woman missing since january, but police only now found out. plus, chris dodd leaves the senate for hollywood. as the top lobbyist. we will explain why he can't actually make phone calls to his former colleagues. and serena williams is recovering in a los angeles hospital, and with le tell you why ahead. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. but basically, i'm a runner.
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we have an update now for the breaking news we are
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following out of germany. the u.s. military has now confirmed two u.s. service members, two airmen have been killed, and two wounded in frankfurt. there was a shooting near the airport there and they fired on some u.s. service members and now a 21-year-old citizen of kosovo is in custody for that shooting. we are bring you the newest details as they come into us. in virginia, a desperate search for a pregnant woman who disappeared in january. 21-year-old bethany decker is five months pregnant and last seen on january 29th about the time her husband redeployed to afghanistan. the couple has a 17-month-old son, and decker's parents have been watching the little boy while she goes to college. she says she would never leave her son, and they reported her missing after repeated attempts to contact her. police searched a wooded area near the home, and they say no sign of foul play at her apartment, and car was in the garage. she reportedly vacationed with her husband in hawaii just
12:18 pm
before she disappeared. investigators say they want to talk to the husband, but they are not calling him a suspect. and a facebook feud may have fueled a killing. a fight over diapers may have caused it. kaneisha richards says that enrique had confessed to killing her after they exchanged nasty facebook messages. they say they spent the $21 was given to her for diapers, but she spent it on other stuff. and tyler clemente killed himself after roommates say he useded a webcam to capture him with another man and then posted it online. advocates say that gender-neutral housing can aid. and chris dodd retired in
12:19 pm
january after spending three decades in d.c., and now he has gone from lawmaker to lobbyist, but he is not just anyone's mouthpiece, he accepted the chairmanship of the motion picture of america. that makes him hollywood's top lobbyist. major wrote an article about this latest move. >> hi, contessa. >> here is chris dodd joining the ranks of former lawmakers who go in as lobbyists, but they are prohibited from registering as a federal lobbyists for two years after leaving office, so for chris dodd, how does that restrict the role? >> that is right. in 2007, congress passed a law in the jack aberanoffer ra. they cannot register as lobby t lobbyists, but what they can do is to work with people whether it is the motion picture firms
12:20 pm
and they can have their relationships with knowledge about their congressional district, their states, their industries, their political attitudes, and all of those things help those firms whether it is the motion picture association or some other firm get a connection and maybe get a hearing and possibly win a victory legislatively. so even if you are not technically lobbying, you are providing tremendous information to lobbyists and the firms they do employ. >> this is not an all inclusive list or comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination. you have former senator byron dorgon who joins a group, and trent lott who is lobbying to build g.e. engines for a stryker fighter, and larry craig working for sportsman group, and wants congressman to remove wolvs from the endangered species. bob packwood, and robert
12:21 pm
livingston -- and the list goes on and on. do you get the sense that this is part of what is undermining the confidence in our lawmakers in washington, d.c.? >> well, i'm not sure it directly undermines confidence in lawmakers, but it does i think have an effect and negative one on the consequence of lawmaking itself, and all about relationships of the people who were once here and representing constituents whether as a senator or congressman don't go back home to the communities they represented, but they stay here and represent other interests, and use their relationships, their friendships and all of the vast knowledge about the washington power structure to work on behalf of either large corporations or large trade groups, and most americans look at that, and say, couldn't there be a better way? do we have to have a relationship between congressmen, senators and lobbyists that is so incestuous and circular and there is nothing illegal about it, contessa and important to point that out, because this is all done above board and in
12:22 pm
accordance with the law, but it is giving people more of an inside game than more of the people's game. >> well, if you put any of us in a position that chris dodd will collect a $1.2 million salary and if you are offered that money, it would be hard to turn that down to go back home to earning far less than that in your home district. >> do something less glamorous and less high profile and effective, so it is hard to resist this money. >> good to see you, major. we are waiting for apple's ipad 2 announcement. what could that be? well, it is the ipad 2. thousands of teachers in jeopardy of losing their job and classroom sizes could grow. what does that mean for your kids' education. and caught on camera, a man accused of trying to sabotage his rivals in the pizza business, and you are not going believe this. ♪ private eyes are watching you ♪
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it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. well, this takes pizza competition to a whole new level and the dirty tricks were caught on camera. a pizza shopowner tried to allegedly sabotage the competition by planting a bagful of live mice in a rival restaurant or rival restaurants, plural. this surveillance video is from the philadelphia suburbs and police say he dropped mice outside of another pizza parlor across the street. nickolas galiasatos faces criminal mischief and cruel ti to animal charges. all right. you have heard of the firefighters called to get a cat out of a tree, but what about a dog in a fridge? in yuma, arizona, firefighters found a small dog on the bottom compartment of the fridge, and the dog did not want to leave the air conditioned spot. why firefighters to go in to rescue him?
12:27 pm
i mean, it is a small dog, pick him up, take him out. i don't know the whole story. there it is. the senate passed a bill to keep the government funded for two weeks, but what happens next ko could get tricky. same-sex marriage is on hold while prop 8 is on appeal, and maybe not on hold for much longer. caught on the web is fashion designer john galliano for his anti-semitic ranlts, and now dior is trying to figure out how to wrap up paris' fashion week without him. and he has entered rehab and not clear what he is trying to rehab, maybe the drunkenness or image? and the puppies were overcrowded and sick, and a ann animal control officer found this little guy alive later in the trash bin.
12:28 pm
now the 3-month-old nicknamed wall-e has a pet finder website, and apparently hundreds of families are vying to little miracle. look at that baby. ah, more than 2 million people and growing have watched this video on youtube of an 8-month-old baby who thinks it is hysterical that his dad rips up a job rejection letter. it is humor not in reaction to ton the unemployment situation, but there are dozen ens of babies laughing to what ripping paper. 24-hour allergy relief. so i feel better by the time we tee off. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice.
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and here's what we did today in homes all across america: we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at welcome back to msnbc, i'm contessa brewer. tennis star serena williams is recovering from a surgery she had from a hematoma embolism
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which is a blood clot in her lungs discovered last week. serena tweeted, tough day. all of the cough and cold drigs were not approved to be on the market. california's attorney general asked a federal appeals court to let same-sex marriages resume in that state. the court banned them while the case is being appealed. and negotiations continue today over the labor dispute between the nfl and the players union and the deal expires midnight friday. i have also been handed an update on the fashion designer john galliano, and he is being charged criminally for that rant and has been fired. and congress has passed a stop-gap spending bill to keep the government running for two weeks. now the real fight, long-term spending. both sides agree that the government can't keep up the
12:33 pm
current spending level, but the decision is who will make the deepest cuts? >> we can't afford to go down this path time after time. we need a long-term solution to our problems. republicans should immediately come to the table and start negotiating with us on a long-term solution. >> where is the senate democratic proposal? where are they on the question of how do we fund the government for the balance of the year? karen tum iulty is a report for the "washington post" and i understand they are being cagey about sitting down at the table with the democrats? >> well, the republicans say and do say they have their position at this point. about two weeks ago they passed a bill with $61 billion in spending cuts, and so what they are saying is that well, now it is time for the democrats to have is a counteroffer. and the democrats were kind of
12:34 pm
late to the bill even that passed today. >> what clout does president obama have in this back and forth? >> well, it is interest, because in talking to democrats on capitol hill over the last few days, i have sensed a kind of rising anxiety, even consternation with the president. they would like for him to be more involved, to be drawing some clearer lines as to what is and what isn't acceptable to him. the white house has already said that it would veto this $61 billion bill that the house republicans passed a couple of weeks ago, but they haven't at this point made it clear what they would accept. >> but the president has come out and he said, look, i think that we do need to cut inefficient spending and there are programs that we need to look at that are not operating at the maximum potential and it is time to save money in those places, but at the same time calling for more been followin
12:35 pm
the education investment, and they keep saying if you keep cult, cutting, cut, we won't have workforce we need to compete in the global market. and do the republicans that you talk to feel like they are walking a thin line of reining in the deficit, and crimping the nation's need for real investment? >> no. they feel like they are winning this fight. they feel that the public's main concern right now is a $1.6 trillion deficit. and that as long as the argument is about spending, the republicans at this point believe they are on the winning side w side, which is one more reason that democrats on capitol hill do want to see the president more actively engaged, because they want him out there sort of spelling out the exact kind of consequences that you just mentioned. >> all right. karen tumulty, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, contessa.
12:36 pm
mike huckabee made a bit of a blunder on a radio show when h talked about the man whose job he just might want to take. >> don't you think that we deserve to know more about this man? >> i would love to know more, but what i know is troubling enough, and one thing that i do know is that his having grown up in kenya, his view of the brits for example. very different than the average americ american. his perspective as growing up in kenya with a kenyan father and grandfather and the mau mau revolution were very different than ours, because he probably grew up hearing that the british were a bunch of imperialists. >> well, he did not grow up in kenya and he didn't visit kenya until he was an adult. he did spend time in hawaii and childhood years in indonesia, and the huckabee spokesperson says, yeah, he meant to say
12:37 pm
indonesia and he just misspoke. all right. live pictures from nasa as "discovery" astronauts make the final space walk of the mission. here it is. this has to be bittersweeter to them, doesn't it? astronaut steven bowwen and alvin drew replacing thermal lights on the international space station. the leak had to be fixed before they could venture out. the space shuttle "discovery" will be retired after this mission. earlier this week, president obama and former governor jeb bush are going back to school. they are at a miami high school promoting education reform. in new york city, officials are considering a plan to put 4,600 teachers out of work. in providence, rhode island, 2,000 teachers got pink slip notices they could be be fired or laid off. across the country budget belts are tightening and education seems to be on thep c -- chopping block.
12:38 pm
our correspondent rehema elvis joins us. i mentioned this with karen tumulty, and we are looking at lowering science and math scores and companies saying we need skilled people, and something has to give. >> well, everyone will tell you that an educated workforce is a way to a more prosperous economy and greater middle-class standard of living, if you will. so, it's -- this is something that has gotten so many people up in arms and it is an emotional issue as we talk about belt-tightening and the talk of layoffs, and those layoffs are going to increase class size. one survey says that about 65% of school administrators expect that class sizes will go up next school year in september as a result of layoffs and subsequently combined classes. teachers are up in arms saying we cannot teach with 60 kids in the class. you cannot be effective, but there are others, contessa as emotional as this may seem, that say that there is not all that
12:39 pm
evidence to suggest that class size is the only part of the equation that matters. listen to what this education analyst says. >> if you look across the bulk of the evidence, it suggests no reason to believe that student achievement will improve if you lower class sizes. >> in fact, there was a move to lower class sizes over the last 20 years, however, the scores in reading and math in this country over the last 20 years have not improved. so, there are those who say, class size it is, but let me tell you that every single person says that the person at the head of the clas is the one who will make the biggest difference in the child's education. >> yes, and i mean to look at this with a silver lining, and this is the very optimistic view, but when you say it has to be layoffs, then it is an opportunity for school districts to go in and say, who is effective here and who do we want to keep and who is dead weight that it is time to move on and difficult choices, but there might be a moment that,
12:40 pm
you know, i think has turned around and for the best. >> it is a moment they are going to be fighting over for many moments, because there are a lot of people who say that whether you have tenure or no tenure or whether it is merit-based and performance, how do you evaluate performance? based just on the test scores of child one day, and so much place into this. discipline, resources, motivation to learn, and the accessibility to opportunities to learn. >> discipline in the school, and discipline at home. i mean, there are so many factors to consider that it doesn't seem like there is one clear path forward, but definitely needing more attention. rehema ellis, chief education correspondent for nbc news. thank you. >> for sure. >> the wait is nearly over as we are awaiting the unveiling of the second generation of ipad. it is a tablet that is expected to be faster and slimmer than the original. jon fortt is in san francisco for the unveiling. >> hi, contessa. right behind me is where the magic will happen.
12:41 pm
we are expecting a new ipad and thinner and lighter and cameras for duel dual conferencing, and we might get an appearance by steve jobs, but it is a low likelihood. and also a new chip. the a5 which helps the operating services to run more smoothly. the ipad is a huge product for apple overnight, and in the holiday season they sold 7 pn 3 million for $4.4 billion in revenue. for little more perspective that is about $1 billion better than dell's consumer business did in the quarter. this could have an impact not only on tablet competitors like google, but also on other players in the pc business, microsoft, intel, hp, those folks who had a troubling time with consumer pc salesquarter a well. we could see some impact there. when the first ipad came around, the press was jaded about it and came out and said it was not that exciting of an
12:42 pm
announcement, and we will see what happens this time. i have a feeling that more people are having optimistic things to say about this product as soon as we get our hands on it we will be telling the world what it looks like and what it can do. contessa, back to you. >> we can't wait to get our hands on it. cigarettes are a big business here in the u.s. and around the world, but also a big underground business taking away billions in much needed tax money, and why some lawmakers in tennessee want to ban the practice of islamic shariah law. as you might imagine, people who practice islamic law not really happy about this, asking, wait a minute, what about freedom of religion? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food.
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i'm andrea mitchell and coming up on "andrea mitchell reports" today, senator john kerry is calling for a no-fly zone over libya. he will join us live next hour. and the latest out of
12:46 pm
frankfurt, germany where shots have been fired at a bus carrying u.s. service members. and the latest on the serena williams health scare. we will see you in about 30 minutes on "andrea mitchell reports." the shots were fired against the minister for pakistan, and it is said that he was targeted because of the blasphemy laws speaking against islam. lawmakers in tennessee are pushing against islam to follow the code of shariah which is basically the islamic code traditions and principles derived from the muslim holy book known as the koran. the bill's sponsor calls it a counterterrorism tool, but muslim opponents say it would essentially outlaw their religion making things like praying or fasting illegal.
12:47 pm
i'm joined by a policy coordinator for the tennessee immigrant and refugee rights coalition. it is good to see you today. >> thank you, contessa, for having me. >> sure. first of all, give me your reaction to the lawmaker here, and the bill sponsor bill ketron who says it is not about religious rights or those who practice islamic beliefs, but it is about protecting it citizens from an act of islamic from the shariah law? >> well, contessa, as a muslim, it is extremely offensive that we have this bill. this bill is not about shariah, but it is about our state picking and choosing which is a good religion over another. and telling the followers of one religion that you are less worthy and entitled to religious freedom as declared by our constitution and it goes against completely our american value nas have been established for us. >> he says that the bill
12:48 pm
addresses extremist muslims who may want to replace the constitution with shariah law, and he say has the bill would not affect peaceful muslim practices. is that the way you see it? >> so, contessa, this is a thinly vailed attack on muslims. shariah is the basic traditions and principles that we are called upon in order to be good muslims. for example, one of the basic tenets of shariah is for us to abide by the laws of the land in i with we live in. so for me to abide by the laws of tennessee, does that make me a criminal, because the tenets of shariah tells me to abide by the laws that i live in. >> there has also already been a sort of upsurge in anti-muslim sentiment in action in tennessee. i mean, we had anti-muslim violence at the site of a planned mosque expansion in murphreesboro and vandalized twice, and in nashville, a
12:49 pm
mosque vandalized and are you getting the sense that in tennessee, there they don't want freedom of religion, but they want maybe christianity, and that's it, and muslims are not welcomed there? >> so, contessa, this might send very interesting to many of the viewers, but tennessee has one of the third fastest foreign-born population, and it is a part of our organization that tennessee immigrant refugee rights coalition to help the immigrants who help to participate in the civil process and contribute to their communities. this bill in no way represents the everydaynesseetennesseean, e have challenges like every state in the nation, but in every poll, tennesseeans believe that muslims have the right to worship their religion, but this is a handful of misguided legislators who are going against the constitution which says that no preference should be given to any religion over the other, but when they took
12:50 pm
their oath of office and promised to not, to propose any bill that abridges these basic rights. >> well, legal lagugal experts has no chance of passing, and the tennessee governor has not said whether he would sign it or avoid it, but legal experts say it would be shot down in a heart beat. we appreciate your time today. >> thank you for having me, contessa. >> we will take a quick break here and be right back. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. call lending tree at... today. just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving heat patch.
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we have been reporting on the drug war south of the border, but cigarette syndicates are waging war around the world. in the united states, alone, illegal sales of smokes translates to $5 billion in lost taxes. and a different kind of war is being waged between big tobacco and the anti-smoking movement that is also costing billions. cnbc's brian shactman joins me to explain. >> yes, it has been years since you have seen cigarette ads on
12:54 pm
tv or newspapers, and tobacco companies are creative to spend billions on marketing. meanwhile, with a lot less money, anti-smoking organizations like the legacy foundation have become a lot more aggressive. >> the truth campaign message is not a don't smoke message. we know that telling kids not to do something is often the best way to have them ultimately go ahead and do it. >> reporter: dr. cheryl heelton runs the foundation. she dispatches teens across the country to events like this one in chicago sending the message to kids that they are being manipulated by tobacco companies. >> there is over 599 chemicals in a cigarette and it is addi addicting and that is the addiction monster of what this represents right here. >> reporter: it is a david versus goliath, and the deep-pocket conglomerates don't like to lose. >> well, the tobacco industry spends $13 billion in the u.s. alone marketing the product, and
12:55 pm
that translates into about $34 million each and everyday. $34 million is more than the annual budget of the public education campaign for truth. >> the way they have leveraged, do you think that it is live and a well on the definition of the web. >> really? j you can see him with the videos and everything, the guy with the rugged face and the the cowboy hat. >> well, i wanted to ask you, brian, speak pg ing of rough an tumble, i heard you went on a sting operation with the atf? >> well, it is mom and pops to con smek sh neck shuns of the terrorist group, and they didn't get in this, but with $5 billion at stake and wisconsin and all of the bucket issues, they are wanting to get the money back and going after the guys and the organizations dealing with illegal cigarettes are as dangerous or more dangerous than gun runners they tell me.
12:56 pm
it is maybe strange, but it is not a joke. >> brian shactman, cigarette wars premiering tonight on cnbc at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you. that wraps it fourer me. i will see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern. out west, president obama is welcoming felipe calderon to the white house, and up next, "andrea mitchell reports." something wrong with your squeegee, kid? uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless! this building is tough, but it's never seen the likes of you before. are you going to be a champ or a chump? a champ! show me! ahhhhhhhhh! atta boy! ahhhhhhhhh! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. with triple soothing action. [ bell dings ] crisp, clear, untouched. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more,
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